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Personal Safety Training Courses

This course is for people with concerns about their personal safety in their working environment or in a social setting, and employers with concerns for their staff's safety.

Looking to increase your personal safety or that of your employees? FMC offers training courses at its training centre in Carlisle, Cumbria or at your workplace nationwide. Evening and weekend training can also be arranged if necessary. FIll out our contact form to arrange your personal safety training or give us a call on 01228 538016 to book now.

Personal safety is a part of everyday life both public and private, it's impossible to never encounter hazards but we use our common sense to avoid them. In the workplace personal safety may be more of an issue, as we may be exposed to hazards not common in everyday life.

As an employer, you have an obligation to reduce risks to staff as much as possible. Personal safety training is an effective method of giving employees the knowledge and tools necessary to ensure their safety at work. Whether threats to their safety come from equipment or other people, training gives them an awareness of risks and how to avoid them.

Certain lines of work can put employees at more risk than others - if there is a risk of violence at work, then its important employees know what to do. This is especially a factor in healthcare where patients can sometimes become violent.

What does our personal safety course consist of?

Our personal safety training is delivered over a half day course covering the basics, this can be extended if more ground needs to be covered. It's ideal for new staff or to serve as a refresher for existing staff. The course consists of group work, theory work and personal reflections. All delegates will receive a handout of information covered in training.

Topics covered in training are:

  • Personal safety and key legislation
  • Health and safety and personal safety
  • Strategies to reduce risk and manage personal safety in the community
  • Assessing and managing aggression and violence
  • Risk assessment for lone workers
  • How to handle conflict situations
  • Safe working arrangements
  • Risks of violence
  • Practical personal safety issues

On completing the course, learners will receive a certificate as proof of learning.

Why use FMC for Personal Safety training?

With a vast experience across industries and in the Health and Social Care Sector, FMC are well-equipped to deliver in-house personal safety training. FMC director, Fiona Carruthers, has over 18 years’ experience training across various organisations and working within the Health and Social Care Sector since 1986. FMC Knowledge and Skills makes Fiona the ideal choice to organise or deliver your personal safety awareness training.

All our training courses are a benchmark for quality. Further to this, FMC are internally and externally quality assured throughout the year and undertake robust annual inspections.

We make sure to offer flexibility with our training. If you can’t make it to our Carlisle training centre, then in most cases, we can arrange to come to your workplace to deliver training. Our operating hours are Monday to Friday 9.00 - 16.30, but if this isn’t convenient we also offer evening and weekend training to suit your needs. Training can also be tailored to spot unique risks in your workplace and give learners correct guidance to avoid them.

Interested in personal safety training from FMC? We’ll give you or your employees the knowledge necessary to ensure their safety. Get in touch via our contact form to organise your training or give us a call on 01228 538016 /Mob: 07776 428 563 to book now.

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