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Healthier Foods and Special Diets Training Course

A number of illnesses and deaths can be caused by poor diet and the conditions that arise as a result of it. Because of this, the UK government is seeking to reduce ill-health and death caused by a diet-related disease. This course gives learners across various sectors the knowledge and tools to accommodate individuals with special dietary requirements.

Do you have employees that need training to deal with dietary requirements? FMC offers healthier foods and special diets training from its training centre in Carlisle, Cumbria or at your workplace if more convenient. Evening and weekend training can also be arranged if required. Fill out our contact form to arrange your healthier foods and special diets training today or call us on 01228 538016 to book now.

This course is for people working in food, including individuals involved in the selection of menus and ingredients. It’s also relevant for employees in health care and education sectors with roles involving food. This course seeks to promote the benefits of a healthy and varied diet so they can be reflected in the food produced by an organisation.

It’s essential that individuals working with food stay up to date with recommendations and guidelines, so they can consistently offer options that meet dietary requirements, whether they be intolerances or a desire to eat more healthily.

What is covered in the healthier foods and special diets training course?

Those who prepare and decide upon what food is prepared should have knowledge of the link between diet and health. This training aims to give them that. As well as giving knowledge of nutritional requirements it teaches delegates about common intolerances such as gluten and lactose which need to be catered for.

The course is usually delivered over 3 hours. Topics covered on the course include:

  • Gaining a good basic understanding of nutrition principles and terminology
  • Understanding the requirements of a balanced diet and the positive effect it has on an individual’s health
  • Identifying individuals’ different needs, allergies and food intolerances
  • Understanding that different groups of people have different dietary needs to fit their lifestyles
  • Knowledge of requirements set out by current legislation
  • Understanding the impact that food processing and manufacturing has on the nutritional content of foods
  • Appreciating the importance of accurate nutritional information being available on food products

On completing the course, all learners will receive a certificate.

Why use FMC for special diets and healthier foods training?

FMC has vast experience delivering training across a number of different sectors. Director, Fiona Carruthers, has held positions such as residential carer/supervisor, college lecturer, centre coordinator, internal verifier and assessor. This experience makes her ideal for organising and delivering training for your employees that can demonstrate competency to regulating bodies such as CQC and OFSTED.

All our training courses are a benchmark for quality. Further to this, FMC are internally and externally quality assured throughout the year and undertake robust annual inspections.

FMC, pride ourselves with our flexibility. If you can’t get to our Carlisle training centre, then we are more than happy to bring training to your workplace. We usually offer training Monday to Friday 9.00 - 16.30, but if necessary will arrange evening or weekend training to suit your needs. As well as this, we will tailor training to make it as relevant as possible to your organisation.

Want to make sure your team are properly equipped to handle special dietary requirements and provide healthier food? We'll administer the necessary training in a warm, welcoming atmosphere. Get in touch via our contact form to book your training or give us a call on 01228 538016 /Mob: 07776 428 563.

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